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Monday, February 27, 2006

This form is not available for this list.

SharePoint lets you create a lookup field in a custom list or document library that reads values off an existing list. If you then create a view with a grouping on the lookup field, then you will get the "This form is not available for this list" error message, if any value in the list is deleted. It does not matter if the value you are linking to still exists, all links via the group by will return the same message.

To work around it, include the lookup field in your view. The field will then appear twice, when expanded, in the grouping as well as in each item, however the links from the grouping will work. However, if you remove the field again, the error will reappear.

Go figure.


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous GaryW said...

Thank you!!!

We had been pulling our collective hair out on this one ...

We had several document libraries pointing to the same look-up list ... some views worked OK .. others had the error message ... but could not deduce what the difference between one working and one not was.

In actual fact we didn't want the "Group By" to be a link ...

Is there any way of turning off the link so it just has a label

"Department: Quality"

instead of "Quality" being a link to the look-up row record?

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Ronnie Guha said...

The only way you can turn off the link is by using FrontPage 2003 to edit the page - and you can then choose which fields are links and which arean't. Note that by using FrontPage you will be un-ghosting the page and you will need to make the changes individually to each page/view.


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