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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Making a List Template available in all Areas of the Portal

While SharePoint lets you create templates for any content group like Document Libraries and Lists, it does not let you easily have it accessible from all areas of the Portal. If you create a list in the Home Area and then save it as a template you can only use it in the Home Area - which is quite pointless.

The following is a workaround which will let you add any list template to be accessible from all areas.

1. Create your list in any area and customise it as required. Once you are happy with it save it as a template. In the Title field call it "My List Template - Area Name". Adding the area name is important so you can distinguish it later.

2. Once the template has been saved, click to view the List Template Gallery and then download the template to your local machine - and a .stp file would be saved.

Now repeat the steps below for each area where you want the template to appear.

3. Create a new List - any list will do - and save it as a template - call it "My List Template - Area Name".

4. Once the template has been saved, click to view the List Template Gallery. Click to upload template and in the file select box select the .stp file you saved in step 2. When prompted for a name - give it the same name as in Step 4.

This will then overwrite the dummy template you created in each area with the custom template you created in step 1. You can now use this template in every area where you have added it in.


At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand step 4. You say "when prompted for a name", but I am never prompted for a name when I upload the previously stored template. When I select the original template file and click Save and Close, my original template is overwritten (with the same data) and my new template is untouched.


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Ronnie Guha said...

Sorry Chris, my mistake. In step 4, rename the new stp file to be the same as the original and then do the upload. This will then overwrite the existing template with the new one and make it available where you had created the original one. I will change the blog to reflect this as well.


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