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Monday, August 28, 2006

Global Design Banner Change to SPS

I have been trying to implement a global design banner change to my SPS site and after fiddling around for a long long long time I finally got it all working. If anyone ever needs to go down that path.
1. Follow the steps in "Applying a Custom Banner". The following is the various folders that exist in Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\TEMPLATE\1033 where you need to update the default.aspx and which sections they control.
SPS Home
SPSBWEB To create bucket Web sites
SPSCOMMU Communities
SPSMSITE Site Registry
SPSNEWS Subareas under News
SPSTOC Topics Home

Contrary to the MS article all these changes update are the Area Home Pages, Site Summary Page and Search Pages.

2. The content pages still have the default template and you need to manually update each of the following files
editform.aspx and

for each of the following content areas

for each of the relevant areas in 1. Meaning if you want to update the Document Library pages within any section that uses the Home Template you need to update the 4 aspx files in \1033\SPS\LISTS\DOCLIB. Similarly if you want to update the Survey pages in a section that uses the News Template you need to update the 4 aspx files in \1033\SPSNEWS\LISTS\VOTING. etc etc etc

3. To update all the admin pages you need to update PortalHeader.aspx in \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033. Make sure you keep all the SPSWC line and then add your design changes following it.

What I also did find out is that in theory all SPS sites are built off ONET.XML contained in the relevant /SPS??/XML folder. However you need to make the changes to the ONET.XML file BEFORE creating the Portal Site. However if you update the ONET.XML file then SPS doesn't create the portal site and returns an error.

Also most of the admin pages have the following tag

string alternateHeader = SPControl.GetContextWeb(Context).AlternateHeader;
if (alternateHeader == null alternateHeader == ""){

which is why any changes made to PortalHeader.aspx in 3. above affects all admin pages. An idea would be to include this tag in all the user aspx pages so while you still need to initially update all pages manually, all subsequent changes only need to be made to one file.

Finally, if you update any page on SPS using Frontpage 2003 you can then no longer update it directly via the file system. For example if I update the SPS home page using Front Page, then any subsequent changes I make to \1033\SPS\default.aspx will no longer be valid and won't feed through to the user.


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