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Monday, March 13, 2006

SharePoint Performance Monitoring

How SharePoint Performance is managed at Microsoft -


In 2003, Microsoft IT deployed Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server to create a global enterprise portal and team collaboration solution that supports more than 60,000 users, 250 group and division portals, 50,000 team sites, and manages more than 3 terabytes of information.

The article presents lessons learned and the best practices Microsoft IT has implemented to address the performance monitoring and management needs of its enterprise portal and team collaboration solution. This article will be helpful to Microsoft customers deploying SharePoint Products and Technologies in a similar environment. The specific topics covered in this article include:
• Monitoring Growth and Performance
• Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
• SharePoint Report Tool (SPReport)
• Windows Server™ 2003 Performance Console
• Optimizing Server Performance
• Web Front-end Server Lessons Learned and Best Practices
• Back-end Database Server Lessons Learned and Best Practices
• Server Farm Network Optimization
• SharePoint Report Tool (SPReport)


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